As with all shows from the brand, the clue came with the invitation, which featured drawings by children dedicated to their mums with messages such as "ti amo mama" (I love you, mum) scrawled in sweet, wobbly handwriting. The theme was then underlined by the tableau at the back of the catwalk C it featured grownup models along with babies, louis vuitton outlet online sale toddlers and children.
Louis vuitton mens purses authentic all dressed in Dolce, the scene was like a live, art-directed family portrait. This show was evolved from the menswear equivalent louis vuitton outlet online sale in January, which was dedicated to family and had particularly photogenic ones C from grandmothers to children C as the tableau. Both shows came louis vuitton mens purses authentic with Twitter louis vuitton mens purses authentic hashtags to increase the social media presence of such snap-able images, this time #DGmamma.
Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana like to take a theme and run with it. One model was six months pregnant, three carried babies and at one point a little girl walked authentic louis vuitton diaper bags down the catwalk C all to the applause of the front row, accompanied by the warbling of the Spice Girls 1996 hit Mama.
This theme had an effect louis vuitton mens purses authentic on louis vuitton handbags online shop the actual clothes too. Sweaters and dresses featured similar scrawled messages rendered in sequins, and a mother-and-child print and a later section of the show used drawings the designers did as children as prints on pretty silk dresses. Other parts of the collection deviated from the theme and included jewelled headphones C likely to become a highly prized accessory of the young and rich next season louis vuitton mens purses authentic.