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In fact, the environmental protection industry has long stood in the "air", the recent outstanding performance related topics fund this layout. Environmental protection industry, as expected, became the A-cap stocks the strongest concept of plate. WIND data, PM2.5 index and strong environmental protection index rose 7.96% and 6.42%, respectively, others such as sewage treatment, louis vuitton replicated bags new energy index also rose by about 4%. Stocks, Guodian fresh (37.55, 2.73, 7.84%), Longking (41.25, 1.92, 4.88%), snow Dillon (40.66, 3.70, 10.01%) and other dozens of stocks daily limit fast.

Louis vuitton online handbags free shipping since 2015, the rich low carbon stock fund net growth rate of 47.08% of the leading fund various types. Peng louis vuitton handbags australia Hua environmental protection industry earnings by nearly 20% this year, fengjinxin carbon pioneer, Xinhua CSI environmental industry index funds, SW Ling letter [microblogging] CSI Environmental Industry Index classification earnings this year may be close to 10%, in the sea of ​​new environmental protection Energy theme flexible configuration to achieve a louis vuitton online handbags free shipping positive return.

In addition, the fund companies also denim louis vuitton handbags seized the opportunity to seize the layout environment-related theme funds, GF Fund [microblogging] recently launched GF Securities Environmental Industry exponential sponsored funds, north letter Ruifeng Ji Kim is also about to launch a healthy lifestyle theme Flexible Allocation Fund, Fund include the relevant environmental, health concept louis vuitton online handbags free shipping stock, louis vuitton online handbags free shipping in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, including air purification, sewage treatment, solid noise processing, recycling economy and the future of a variety of clean wind and solar energy and new energy vehicles, etc. Also included medicine and medical services, green living and louis vuitton outlet authentic other aspects of the layout louis vuitton online handbags free shipping.

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