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"Youll be sick of seeing me," she added, as she made her way into the show. Hollywood may be a one-industry town, but it was more than accommodating of the endless amount of fashion parties, lunches and dinners cheap louis vuitton men bags this year.

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But there was something distinct about this lunch: Ms. Tilbury is a Briton, and there were a whole lot of British accents in this courtyard at the restaurant A.O.C. in Beverly Hills. Shouldnt these turncoats be in London?

"Its all about the red carpet, Ms. Tilbury said. "Who can ignore the red carpet, This was a convenient answer: Ms. Tilburys new makeup, Goddess Skin Clay Mask, includes the tag line "The new red carpet beauty secret of the stars,

"The heat is in L.A. this weekend, said Lucy Yeomans, the Net-a-Porter and Porter magazine editor, sounding resigned. The model and socialite Poppy Delevingne, who calls London her hometown, was less forgiving.

"Were sorry, but the sunshine is too tempting, she said. "To be honest, Im out here for pilot season. But there are just so many great things going on. This lunch for Charlotte, the Diane von Furstenberg picnic tomorrow, the Chanel dinner tomorrow and Vanity outlet louis vuitton cheap online Fair on Sunday. Its like fashion week out here, Rachel Zoe, the Los Angeles-based stylist, was just a few feet away, and delighted by this outlet louis vuitton cheap online.