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For the diversified development of the Internet brokerage, in Shanghai, a brokerage analyst interface News reporter, said that with the continuous wave swept the Internet, the traditional securities industry will face further differentiation of trade licenses and business pilot qualifications will be more detailed, specific brokerage development path is also more diversified. However, the reshuffle and the consequent increased competition, but also the industry, each broker only to reposition themselves, a clear direction of development, can only take place in the securities industry.

Louis vuitton online handbags free shipping however, insiders say, the Internet securities business continues to decentralization pilot qualifications, also means that the market brokerage license dividend dividend constantly being replaced by the upcoming reform of trade licenses. Above Shanghai broker who said that the current second hand louis vuitton bags securities industry has realized that the Internet could bring opportunities, dividend role in the release of the license, the broker must know how to nordstrom louis vuitton raise the threshold from all aspects of professional manpower, material resources, increase innovation, continuous mining customer value, to really get a strong competitive position in the Internet brokerage.

2013 stock market set off a "commission of louis vuitton online handbags free shipping war, the industry has intensified reform; each broker louis vuitton online handbags free shipping force in 2014 and two Internet banking finance, collateral repo and other innovative louis vuitton outlet store online real businesses, coupon increasingly intense competition in the industry; in 2015 at the beginning of the louis vuitton laptop bag Internet securities business pilot qualifications breakthrough decentralization 20 brokerages, whether the future situation in the industry will emerge license reform, louis vuitton online handbags free shipping will wait and see louis vuitton online handbags free shipping.

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