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To enable shareholders to learn more about the purpose of an offer to new louis vuitton bag purchase shares of the National Machine Group Company, the specific content of the louis vuitton factory outlet tender offer, to accept the offer process, etc., is scheduled for March 5 through the "SSE e interactive" platform held a "China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. About tender offer for shares of two lv online outlet heavy equipment online communication matters will "communicate and exchange shares of matters around the National Machine Group tender offer companies and investors.

Authentic louis vuitton outlet purses the National Machine Group offer a comprehensive program throws an offer price of 2.59 yuan per share, compared with the previous two re * ST April 29, 2014 30 days suspended for a premium of 10.21% where is a louis vuitton outlet average price of 2.35 yuan per share. But the offer price, when compared to * ST double 2010 issue price of 8.5 yuan listed and listed companies during the transaction price range, at the absolute bottom area. authentic louis vuitton outlet purses This means that 10.21% of the premium for the loss of countless small investors, it can be described as inadequate.

Whether to accept this offer, placed in front of * ST double minority shareholders dilemma: accept, recognize the equal pay out in the future if the company listed reborn again, have nothing to do; do not accept, * ST double delisting has become a foregone conclusion, there are a lot of variables could revive, small investors authentic louis vuitton outlet purses may face eventually lose everything after delisting. "Had to buy it when it comes to thinking about restructuring rose after it, authentic louis vuitton outlet purses and now not only did the reorganization, even the cost of buying are not, and did not have a choice, This is the voice of many investors complain issued authentic louis vuitton outlet purses.

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