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According Nanfanggufen previously announced, the major asset reorganization will involve 25 percent matching funds to the Company issued shares to buy assets not more than 10 specific investors to raise the total issued shares does not exceed the major asset restructuring transaction total. Reorganization of the target company to develop Nanjing Securities Corporation.
Authentic louis vuitton outlet purses up to now, authentic louis vuitton outlet purses has been the controlling shareholder Nanfanggufen Nanjing Securities Nanjing Zijin Investment Group Co, Ltd, and the shareholders of Nanjing Zijin Asset Management Ltd, Nanjing Agricultural Reclamation Industry (Group) Co, Ltd, Nanjing State-owned assets management company, Zijin Trust Co. companies signed five shareholders in advance "agreement of intent to issue shares to buy assets, Above five shareholders together hold 43.38% stake in Nanjing Securities.
For Nanjing Securities market attention of other equity disposition, Nanfanggufen response, the company is working louis vuitton fabric handbags with Nanjing Securities shareholders sustained argument on major asset restructuring-related matters, communication, all with the intention of shareholders still need to fulfill the relevant decision-making, approval procedures After the reorganization before signing a formal agreement with the company. Therefore, the transaction can not be determined in this major asset restructuring and other specific scope Nanjing Securities equity ratio of shares to be issued to buy.
The details of this major asset restructuring plan, Nanfanggufen that specific program of this major asset restructuring, the counterparty sell louis vuitton is still proof, communication, once qualified, the board will convene a meeting to consider and timely disclosure of the restructuring plan or louis vuitton bags mens draft.
Nanfanggufen Xude Jian, chairman, said the company's existing core business is limited space for development, profitability fell significantly in recent years, for four consecutive years since 2011 no dividends. Therefore, the company authentic louis vuitton outlet purses need transformation, seeking new business and profit growth. Nanfanggufen Nanjing equity securities authentic louis vuitton outlet purses issued shares to louis vuitton outlet pa buy, will help to improve the quality of assets of listed companies, listed companies continue to enhance profitability, safeguard the interests of all shareholders authentic louis vuitton outlet purses.

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