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Los Angeles It was 6:30 on the Friday before Oscars Sunday, and the W editor, Stefano Tonchi, was craving a little quiet time. He was standing in the fortresslike Milk Studios in Hollywood, which was the site of that evenings Tom Ford fashion show. He had gotten off a flight that afternoon.

Louis vuitton authentic "i got my hotel room at the last minute, he said, vodka tonic in hand. "I wanted to have louis vuitton all bags a cup of coffee and eat some French fries and louis vuitton bags price sit down and make a phone call, So he headed off to the Sunset Towers bar to unwind. That louis vuitton authentic didnt happen. "There wasnt one person I didnt know, he said, recalling the scene. There was a Burberry executive; a Harpers Bazaar editor; Rachel Zoes husband, Rodger Berman; the fashion habitu Derek Blasberg; and the son of the owner of Tods.

The cocktail hour surrounding Mr. Tonchi at Milk Studios was no different: there was John Demsey, the group president of Este Lauder Companies; Leonard Lauder himself; Anna pre owned louis vuitton Wintour; the Cosmopolitan editor, Joanna Coles; and the Lucky editor, Eva louis vuitton authentic Chen. Not to louis vuitton authentic mention the ridiculous number of A-list stars all around, a front row that included Gwyneth handbags louis vuitton books Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Beyonc, Jay Z, Miley Cyrus, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Lopez.

"The second I heard it, Ms. Wintour said, when asked when she knew shed forgo London in favor of Los Angeles to see Mr. Ford. "Tom Fords a huge draw. Hes showing here for the first time, and it was a brilliant move on his part,

The Oscars usually conflicts with the European collections (two years ago, it was Milan; last year, it was Paris; this year, London), but this was the first time Ms. Wintour would attend the Academy Awards (she attended the Vanity Fair Oscars party once before) louis vuitton authentic.

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