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Perhaps thats looking too deep. Maybe flowers were just their because they looked pretty, because women like them, because they will sell. This Dolce and Gabbana collection had plenty of energy, and lots and lots of distraction C models toting borrowed bambinos, negotiating the catwalk in those slender pencil louis vuitton authentic skirts, juggling child on one hip and, perhaps, their their giant Dolce and Gabbana "Mamma" bags on the other.

Those are a standard style for the company, the lynchpin of their accessories offering. Whats betting theres an added push come winter C just one more little push, to give birth to a healthy profit margin?

Thats not to denigrate either Signore Dolce, nor Gabbana. Im sure their intentions with this collection were entirely heartfelt. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, theyre shrewd businessmen, not mammas boys. They may have translated Bennatos song, but their customers in the forty-plus countries they sell to around the world expect to hear them talking Italian C as usual. Thats what louis vuitton factory outlet paris this collection did louis vuitton authentic.

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The celebration of souped-up, sexualised Italian womanhood was, actually, business as usual in the standard Dolce mould. It louis vuitton authentic bags almost could be a mould, turned out as it is in different materials each season. The suits and dresses were studded with glitzy, Schiaparelli-ish buttons this time, a couple of inside-out louis vuitton sling bag fur coats, like your mammas mammas tattered mink requisitioned.

Louis vuitton authentic a few evening dresses were decorated with louis vuitton handbags for sale online the childrens scribbles C houses, families C that cropped up on the invite too. The latter were apparently the designers own, from their childhood. They reminded me of the embroideries across Angelina Jolies wedding dress.

The photographic prints, standardly splashed louis vuitton authentic on shifts, were for louis vuitton authentic this round of Madonna and child, sometimes graffitied with a beaded word, say "Amore," like a defaced Tuscan altarpiece. Roses clambering across bodies recalled mothers day bouquets, or maybe the floral-festooned Mother tattoos inked on many a bicep in slightly dodgy homage.