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Institute of Soil & Environmental Sciences
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Accepted Papers
Microbiota's response to natural-anthropogenic changes in moisture in a trans-zonal aspect: A case study for the south part of East European Plain
Fedor N. Lisetskii, Denis B. Vladimirov
Effect of potassium to bivalent cations ratio in irrigation water on some physical properties of soil
Maasoume Zaker, Hojat Emami
Soil microbial biomass carbon and carbon dioxide response by glucose-C addition in black soil of China
Dr Muhammad Suleman Memon, Xu Hu, Prof. Dr Zhang Wenju, Prof. Dr Xu Minggang
Cr(VI) resistant Bacillus and Acinetobacter isolated form soil of Narran valley
Rida Batool, Javeria Mushtaq
Differential phenolic contents and bioherbicidal potential of some allelopathic agroforestry and fruit plant species
Shagufta Perveen, Muhammad Yousaf, Muhammad Naeem Mushtaq, Nighat Sarwar, Muhammad Yahya Khan, Sajid Mahmood Nadeem
Alleviation of Terminal Drought Stress in Wheat by Foliar Spray Application of Zinc and Manganese
Keyvan Shams
Salicylic acid and gibberellic acid interact with nitrogen to improves the productivity and quality of canola (brassica napus l) under an arid climate
Muhammad Ijaz, Ahmad Sher, Abdul Sattar, Sami Ul-Allah, Ahmad Nawaz, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Shahid, Ssaqlain Ahmad
Heavy Metal Contamination of Surface Soil in Southern Part of Bangladesh
Sk.A. Latif, S. Sharif, S.M. Hossain, M.A. Islam, Ibrahim M. Mehedi, M.S. Sultana
Assessment of hydraulic conductivity and soil quality of similar lithology under contrasting landuse and land cover in humid tropical Nigeria
Ernest Chidozie, Irokwe Ifeanyi, Okafor Johnbosco, Irondi Aaron, Chime Anthony , Okeke Obinna, Njoku Gift, Taqi Raza, Michael G


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